While I was building the forest, I was also thinking about different ways to present it and for people to experience it and started a series of projection experiments in my backyard. I wanted to massively increase the scale so that people experienced it as if they were in the forest with the fireflies.

Also I wanted to project on different environments. I've always enjoyed different textures and was curious about how projections on these surfaces would feel. Would it add another layer to the visual or would it just feel like two completely different layers ?


Eventually I tested the projection on the wall, the grass and the leaves, and I love the projection on the grass and leaves. There’s something beauty in it, combining the digital renders with the physical world. And these texture add another different level of randomness in the result.

The projection on the grass leads to another side project. During the experiment I got an idea to build an interactive version for my kids. The idea is simple : the fireflies will gather around your feet. I connect my codes with kinect, using OpenCV with the depth texture to detect the position of where my kid stands. Then calibrate the project and make the fireflies gathering to the point.